Monday, March 9, 2015

Win a Sony Blu Ray Player With Author Sky Alexander

Book 1 of The Fires of Love & Hate Series
An Idaho author and publisher has  an innovative design to help others achieve their goal of seeing their works in print.

Rising Phoenix Inc. is helping others achieve their dreams.

"We have seen some contracts with publishing companies where as an author they are not getting my fair share of a book deal," says founder and author Sky Alexander.

With each sale of a book, the buyer will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a Sony Blu Ray Player.

 This is why my company was designed to help authors. Authors who joining myself and my team at Rising Phoenix will have the full support of a publisher. This includes the editing, marketing, cover design, formatting and all services you would find at a large publisher. The difference is that my publishing house will split the profits 50/50 with the author and help them be able to finally see the benefits of their hard life’s work. My dream is to help authors who really want to write and become the next JK Rowling, Stephen King or Tom Clancy. Mission Change the world one book at a time.

Here is an example of Sky's riveting work:

FORCED TO LOVE is one of 20 books in Sky’s series The Fires of Love & Hate (Historical Romance Collection).

“Inspiration can come from anywhere, but nothing is more uplifting and irresistible to me as a new Sky Alexander novel," writes Heather on Goodreads. "This is one of my new favorites, (with FORCED TO LOVE) Sky Alexander shows his unique writing style that reminds us of how great historical romance and western romance can be written that reminds you of classics but with new addictive twists that are uplifting and intriguing in The Fires of Love & Hate (Historical Romance Collection). Hattie really shows that through thick and then love for your family is one of the most important things.”
Hattie Morran is a poor dirt farmers daughter in Missouri. Suddenly Hattie finds that her life is changed in the blink of an eye and she is forced to love Abner Garland. Now her Western Romance which is purely a façade for show and to save her family will soon come to an end. “But what about their anger?” Hattie asked. “Jess and Abner will be furious.” “Furious doesn’t even begin to describe how they’re going to react. Even though I probably shouldn’t, I am going to set them up with handsome allowances. What can they do? I’m of sound mind. So, Miss Hattie, when you marry Abner, I will give you nine-tenths of my fortune, and the remainder will be yours at my death.”
Author and Publisher Sky Alexander

From the moment that you are brought into the book you will be immediately part of the western romance in the middle of the south. The Fires of Love & Hate Series will keep you right in the middle of a tale that is based on some true and historical events. This historical romance series is sure to be you’re new favorite.

 Sky was born in Utah and raised in both Utah and California. He has been writing for many years and enjoys spending time with his family as well as staying up on the newest technology. A single father of two little boys, Lucas & Matthew. Sky lives in Idaho.

Sky holds a degree in Network Engineering and is currently finishing a degree in Software Engineering. Sky is currently working on two different series "The Fires of Love & Hate" (A Historical Romance series) & "Aspen Falls" (Action Adventure, Thriller series).

Sky welcomes emails from his readers and can or on Facebook at 

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